IOS apps take your money with Touch ID

The Play Store is not the catalog to host malicious apps. Indeed, the App Store lists apps that scam iPhone users through the fingerprint reader of the iPhone, Touch ID.

IOS apps take your money with Touch ID

Beware of these fraudulent applications!

Well-rated iOS fitness apps on the App Store are scams. Security researcher Luckas Stefanko of the welive security website highlighted the scam using Touch ID. If you do not lose pounds, these apps relieve your bank account. Those who fell in the panel lost between $100 and $140.

A successful scam through Touch ID

How does this scam work? It’s pretty simple! After pretending to be an activity tracking app with an eye-catching name like “Calorie Tracker app” or even “Fitness Balance app”, the malware asks you to use Touch ID to log in and access “Personalized recommendations for calories and nutrition”. The problem is that you will actually give money if you entered your bank details on the App Store.

An amount ranging from $ 100 to $ 140 will be collected.  “Calorie Tracker app” and “Fitness Balance app” apps no longer available on the App Store but others could emerge. If these were noted as well on the catalog of applications of the firm to the Apple, it is undoubtedly because the officials multiplied the false opinions. Be careful and think about reading the negative reviews of each app before downloading!

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