Jeep unveils full suspension electric ATV

Jeep, Bill Murray, electric bike. Take it all, mix it up, and you get a surprising announcement from the automaker during the Super Bowl.

The famous American brand Jeep took advantage of the Super Bowl, the grand finale of the American football championship, to unveil a surprise, to say the least, unexpected: a full suspension electric ATV. The device appeared stealthily in the advertisement which the manufacturer diffused during the match to promote its new Jeep Gladiator. We see the excellent Bill Murray resume his role in the film  A Day Without End (1993), accompanied by his famous groundhog which he rides aboard his big 4×4 and therefore also with a VTTAE branded Jeep.

Up to 64 km of range

QuietKat, an American brand of electric bikes with which Jeep has partnered, has put online a web page which gives some brief details on this electric mountain bike . We learn that it is equipped with a 750 W motor and that it can travel up to 64 km. It is mounted on 26-inch wheels with large tires by 4.8 inches which give it the air of fat bike. No indication as to the origin of the electric motor and the battery. But the Electrek site suspects the presence of a Bafang M620 engine capable of delivering 1,600 W in peak power and 160 Nm of torque. In the present case, it would therefore have been restrained.

Jeep does not give any information on the price, but the assembly, with RockShox rear shock, an inverted front fork of unknown brand and four-piston brakes, suggests a significant price. This Jeep VTTAE is supposed to arrive in June 2020 across the Atlantic. For the moment, nothing indicates that it will be marketed in Europe.