MacOS bug wastes a lot of hard drive space

Transferring photos from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac results in the loss of a lot of hard drive space. And it’s a bug.

For its mobiles or computers , Apple is not particularly generous when it comes to storage capacity. For Macs , the entry ticket is sometimes limited to an SSD of 256 or even 128 GB. With hard disks often soldered to the motherboard , therefore impossible to replace, the brand probably intends to encourage the user to opt for a paid subscription to its iCloud storage service in order to expand capacity.

The concern is that in addition to being stingy on the storage surface, it appears that the Apple ecosystem is also unnecessarily greedy. The developers of the file manager for Mac, NeoFinderhave found that when it transfers images from an iPhone or iPad to the Mac, the computer’s image transfer tool makes the data overweight. For some reason, in addition to its weight, each transferred file generates 1.5 MB of useless data.

1.5 GB lost for 1000 shots

The developers have noted that the problem arises from the moment when the Keep original option  is disabled on the transfer tool. In this case, the HEIC files are converted to JPG and it is when they are copied that they produce the unnecessary 1.5 MB. In the end, for 1,000 snapshots repatriated, 1.5 GB of empty data is thus created.

According to NeoFinder, who discovered the problem by chance, it was a bug. And this one is not new, since the developers have observed the same phenomenon with earlier versions of macOS. The bug occurs only with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) and not a camera digital, for example. NeoFinder has informed Apple of the problem. It remains to wait for this bug to be corrected.