Mario Kart breaks records and a facelift too pushed

A simple emoji can, unfortunately, become a hateful sign and an insult. This is the fate of the “OK” sign yet harmless. Lighter but more annoying, this iPhone blocked because of a facelift. Funny tech also reveals the records of Mario Kart who is already close to the 100 million downloads, and how Instagram fights against cyber harassment.

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The gesture “ok” considered as a hateful symbol

It is used to say that everything is fine, especially when diving, or to play the “game of the round”, but it is also a common symbol among the white supremacists: the “ok” gesture has just entered a list of hateful symbols established by the ADL (American Association Against Anti-Semitism).

Why this gesture? The three fingers in the air would represent the “w” of ”  white  “, the other two forming the “p” of ”  power  ” with the wrist. A meaning popularized by a ”  hoax  ” of the forum 4chanwho would have created it to trap a maximum of people – as with milk, which would also be a supremacist symbol or applause that would be anti-feminist.

A joke, however, based on the observation that many white supremacists have been using this gesture since 2015 and Donald Trump’s campaign. And that continues to be resumed since, including by the author of the attack in Christchurch New Zealand. Even if the ADL specifies that we must be careful with the interpretation of this gesture, it must now also be with its use.

Mario Kart Tour already downloaded more than 90 million times

It took several years and the lessons of his Super Mario Run for Nintendo to impose the world’s most famous plumber in the mobile landscape, a market tens of billions of dollars. It’s done with the burst of Mario Kart, downloaded 20 million times for his first day, exploding the record of Pokemon Go, which had not experienced a single world release but is anyway far with 7, 5 million downloads over five days.

After a week, the game is already 90 million players! It remains to monetize this community for the Japanese publisher: according to data from Senser Tower, the game has so far reported less than $ 13 million – the French being the biggest spenders behind the Americans and the Japanese.