Mate 30, the first Huawei without the Google apps

On September 19, in Munich, the Chinese manufacturer will unveil the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, two smartphones delivered without Google services, but with a sleek version of Android. Blame the embargo imposed by the United States.

It’s back to school and the biggest smartphone manufacturers are going to draw, in turn, their new models. On the side of Huawei, it will be the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, two models like no other since they will be the first delivered without access to Google Play, nor integration of the usual Google services.

This is the result of the US-Chinese trade war, and even though Huawei is suspended until mid-November, Reuters reveals that Google has not licensed the manufacturer to these new smartphones will be unveiled on September 19 in Germany.

“Hackers” can add Google services …

This, therefore, means that the state, they will be delivered in principle with Android naked (Android Open Source Project), and application alternative to Google. In China, this is not a problem because we are used to not using Google services. On the other hand, in Europe, or even in the United States, it will be a real problem and it could clearly slow down the buyers.

However, the PD.G. Huawei told IFA that it would be possible to manually install Google applications and that it would be “quite easy”. Nothing prevents users from doing it, even if it will probably be necessary to “hack” by downloading the same code of the applications and then install them. The smartest are used to it. For the general public, it will probably be a drag.