Mate X, Huawei’s collapsible smartphone, shows up in a video

Unveiled in February for a launch in April, and finally postponed, the new smartphone Huawei arrives by the end of October with a launch in China.

After the Galaxy Fold, marketed for a few days, its main competitor, the Mate X, will finally be revealed. He too had been in the closet time that Huawei enhances its reliability and finish, and it should be out within days.

As proof, a first video called ”  unboxing  ” appeared on social networks and it provides some details on the phone. First, it comes with an elegant pocket to store it when folded. It is essential to protect it since the large folding screen is located outside, not inside like the Fold. Which means at the same time that it will be difficult to keep it in a trouser pocket and that it would rather be seen in a jacket pocket.

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Europe will have to wait

We also note that the smartphone unfolds its screen with a button on the side. A sort of detent that allows you to open it with a simple hand. For its availability, we talk about the end of October for China and it is the boss of the brand who announced it to, stating all the same that production remained problematic. So do not expect a surge of copies.

For the rest, six months late on the initial launch date could improve the configuration. To frame the 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, it evokes the presence of an all-new processor Kirin 990. As for the price, it would always be higher than 2.200 euros.