Michelin and GM prepare a puncture-proof tire for 2024

The French manufacturer Michelin has developed a tire without air that will test in real conditions with the American General Motors.

Whether Goodyear, Hankook or Michelin, major manufacturers are working on the tires of tomorrow. The tire that produces the energy for photosynthesis to tire “bionic” through the “refillable” tire, ideas are sometimes very surprising and have little chance of knowing the asphalt. But this time, Michelin promises us an innovation that will lead to a marketable product in the short term.

The French manufacturer has just unveiled a prototype of puncture-proof tire that does not use compressed air. UPTISUnique Puncture-proof Tire System ) is derived from the “Tweel” technology that Michelin developed several years ago. It is a wheel-tire assembly with a spoke system and an outer shear ring that is supposed to reproduce the behavior of a conventional tire. But while the Tweel can only operate at low speed, Michelin ensures that the Uptis can be used in normal conditions by a passenger car.

About 20% of tires scrapped prematurely

A tire without compressed air is not only the promise of no punctures, but it is also an environmental benefit because it requires less raw material for its manufacture. Michelin also highlights the durability of such a product compared to current tires that are often replaced prematurely. ”  Around 200 million tires worldwide are scrapped prematurely each year because of a puncture, damage from road hazards or irregular wear due to improper pressure,” Michelin says.

To test this concept and lead to a marketable model, the French company has joined the American giant General Motors. The Uptis tire is already being tested with the Chevrolet Bolt EV and it is expected to conduct real-world tests with a fleet of this electric car in the state of Michigan later this year. Michelin plans to offer this tire from 2024.