Microsoft Edge Chromium finally available in beta on Mac and Windows

Based on Google’s Chromium open-source engine, the Edge browser is now available in beta. Microsoft announces the release of a “stable” version for the end of the year or current in 2020 at the latest.

Since the advent of Windows 10, Edge has never really been successful. To set the bar, Microsoft has taken the initiative to learn from its competitor Google to develop a browser of a new kind: Edge Chromium, otherwise called Charge. After months of preliminary testing on versions dubbed Canary and then Dev, Microsoft now offers the beta version of the browser.

It is now available for Windows 10, 8 / 8.1, 7 and macOS. The browser is based on the same basis as Google Chrome, the open-source Chromium engine found elsewhere on other browsers, such as Vivaldi, Brave, or Russian Yandex.

Very close to Google Chrome

The browser will be updated every six weeks until the release of the best expected stable version by the end of the year or early 2020. Unlike Edge which is nested with Windows 10, the browser will be available as ‘ Application independent from the Microsoft Store. This beta version, which Futura has installed, still contains bugs but remains relatively stable. For the moment, the navigation appears very fluid, but we tested the browser without any extension.

During its installation which requires almost no action, the browser can automatically import browser favorites already present. Apart from the presence of the search engine Bing! by default and slightly more angular design, it looks like Google Chrome. For the moment, navigation seems fluid.