Motorola will launch this summer a flip phone with fold-able screen

The US manufacturer Motorola will revive the concept of flip phones with a modernized version of its star model, the Razr. The foldable screen will be there and the price should be around 1,500 dollars.

Star mobile phones, at a time when we were not talking about smartphones yet, the Razr will reborn from the ashes with a foldable screen. Now owned by Lenovo, Motorola will launch this phone this summer, and according to the  Wall Street Journal , it will cost $ 1,500.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold or Mate X, this smartphone, which bears no name yet, will be a clamshell model, just like the Razr and Startac, Motorola’s most famous models; the foldable screen will be inside the device. So do not expect an exceptional screen surface, and the advantages of this model will be first of all the design, both retro and modern, but also the protection since the screen will be protected by the flap.


The sketches, related to the patent filed by Motorola, suggest a small screen in front to complete the folding screen located inside the phone © Motorola

Another screen in front?

The patent filed in December by Motorola highlights the finesse of the phone, and so seduce the nostalgic of the Razr, but also those who want a flat and small model in the pocket. The keyboard disappears to make room for a second screen, but it will be necessary to wait for the first leaks on the model to know if the keyboard, virtual, is located on the bottom or if Motorola has chosen to extend it on the entire screen.

Designers have also imagined the third screen, in front that would display the time, icons and notifications. If the finish is neat, it could appeal to many, even if the price may be off for a smartphone whose shape of the screen will be in length and will not reach the 6 inches or more of the competition. The Mate X, although sold 2,300 euros, and offers an 8-inch screen when unfolded.