Mozilla boards on a paid version of Firefox

Will it pay to use Firefox? On the Mozilla side, we are studying the possibility of launching a so-called Premium version that will integrate functions that are not included in the free version, such as a VPN and an online storage space.

How can the Mozilla Foundation financially fight for Firefox to survive against Google and its Chrome browser? It was Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla, who gave funding leads, and for the first time, he mentioned the launch of a paid version of his browser.

”  We want to be very clear: it is not a question of charging for options that are currently free, ” he said in an interview with German media outlet T3N. We will develop a subscription service and offer a premium service. The goal is to introduce Premium this year, in the fall. We are aiming for October.”

A subscription system based on the needs of the user

So do not panic, the current Firefox, very popular for the security of private data of its latest version, will remain free and all current functions will still be present. On the other hand, Mozilla wants to launch a Premium version with some new features. First, there is a secure storage solution, probably equivalent to Box or Google Drive, and probably the subscription will be progressive depending on the storage space.

Then, this leader of Mozilla evokes the presence of a VPN integrated, but especially automatic. If you are connected to a public Wi-Fi, such as an airport or library, the VPN will start when it detects that you are performing sensitive transactions such as online payment, or a connection to your bank account. “We will be proposing a solution that will give everyone a certain amount of free VPN bandwidth and if needed, a monthly subscription fee, ” says Chris Beard.