Mr. Google above our heads, a bionic painter and AI names cats

Artificial intelligence is featured this week with wacky, artistic but also … terrifying uses. With the right algorithms, we can rename cats with AI, but also paint paintings that sell for thousands of dollars, and finally, more dangerous, to make comments to a person without his knowledge.

Our weekly meeting offers you an offbeat look at the news of new technologies. The party is to entertain you, surprise you and make your dream or sigh.

Google’s co-founder builds his own giant airship

When you’re a billionaire, you can afford delusional whims. Like wanting to build a giant airship, the idea on which Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, has been working in secret for two years now. At the time, the billionaire had signed a 60-year lease with NASA, to occupy one of their hangar in California, for a little over a billion dollars.

A US  Air Force alumni and Nasa, Alan Weston, was named to oversee this project called ”  Lighter Than Air  “, and a few days ago, an announcement for an aerospace engineer position was published. in Silicon Valley.

There is not much information on the subject but we are talking about a 150-million-dollar machine, 240 meters long and 40 meters wide, which would have many uses: organize luxury cruises in the air, but also humanitarian deliveries in hard-to-reach areas. The megalomania serving philanthropy?

The USS Macon, which inspired Sergey Brin, flying over New York. © US Naval Historical Center Photograph

Artificial intelligence to rename stray cats

Researcher specializing in artificial neural networks, Janelle Shane has fun creating “AI” capable of giving names to cakes, monsters Dungeons and Dragons, and recently cats. With more or less cute results for these: Monocle, Pompompur or Tinnitus, but also Grotesque, Petard and Dr Fart. Or even more scary, “Kill All Humans”. Small names picked up by a shelter of stray cats from the city of Philadelphia, which seem to be having their effect: Mr Sinister was adopted.

Depending on the look of the cat, the artificial intelligence finds a small name. © Janelle Shane