MyLabel: the app that understands your needs

MyLabel is a consumer app released on April 2nd. The latter also makes it possible to choose centers of interest and to be alerted on specific themes. A consumer app that puts your needs at the center of your concerns.

In the manner of Yuka and many others, MyLabel can scan products and obtain information to guide the purchase. 

While some apps judge only the nutritional aspect, others judge the ethical side of the business. For the app, the choice is simple. Simply gather the best of both to get an application that lets the user choose according to his criteria.

MyLabel, like the others in better

While many applications have quickly attracted mobile users, they are limited. MyLabel is based on your choices and establishes a scale according to your expectations.

If a product matches the criteria you have entered, then the app advises you. Each scan is accompanied by a link explaining why the product is good or bad. In order to offer the best service, MyLabel has partnered with a network of associations.

There are 8 associations and NGOs provide important data on product quality or company policy. In order to have the most exhaustive database available, 8 other associations are being tested. The company wants to establish 50partnerships or more by counting hyper-specialized associations.

You can also install a plug-in on your internet browser. The latter is used to find MyLabel reviews on online purchases. It runs on the merchant sites of Monoprix, Carrefour, and Hurray. However, other sites should arrive shortly.

MyLabel is a Social and Solidarity Company ( ESS ) to remind you that its approach is consumer oriented. It should receive the approval Solidary Enterprise of Social Utility ( ESUS).

A status that has a direct impact on the app’s business model. No ads and no financial contracts with network associations. In addition, MyLabel ensures that there will be no paid version and that your data will not be sold.

Companies will need to subscribe to a subscription to view statistics from aggregated data anonymously. The goal is, in the long term, to influence the companies on their next products.