Nearby Share is finally available for some Android phones

Integrated in Android 11, direct file sharing between Android phones is finally available. But not for everyone since it primarily concerns Pixel and Samsung smartphones.

Expected in Android 11, which is scheduled for release in September, the Nearby Share feature is finally making its official appearance. This is Google that the ad, and it’s because the event is the response to AirDrop, this feature of iOS so convenient to send files between Apple devices, including two iPhones. No need for an app, AirDrop takes care of everything. And it’s been like that for almost 10 years!

Android's file sharing feature Nearby Share is finally rolling out ...

Better than late than never for Android, but Google says all the same that this arrival remains progressive. If it concerns smartphones integrating Android 6 and following, for the moment, only Samsung and Pixel models  can benefit from it. This will be effective  through the update of Android services. Google ensures that other brands will soon be affected and we are obviously thinking of smartphones from Chinese brands like Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi.

Coming soon to Chrome OS

What Google is also announcing is the upcoming arrival of this function on Chromebook,  via its Chrome OS operating system . Again, it is to respond to Apple which integrates this function in macOS. For PCs and Macs, no announcement, but it should be possible thanks to a future update of the Chrome browser. It will then be easy to transfer files from a smartphone to your computer, without cables or Internet connection.

For transferring even large files without any internet connection, Nearby Share combines BluetoothBluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC and Wi-Fi Peer-to-peer. All in a secure way, and it is also possible to hide your device and, of course, disable the function so as not to transfer files by mistake.