No, Apple Music will not come on Google Home, it’s just a bug!

You’ve probably heard about the arrival of the Apple Music app on Google Home devices, a photo was provided by MacRumors. However, Alphabet quickly responded to this statement by saying that it was simply a bug.

Forget the ability to listen to music on Google Home via the Apple Music app. What you have read is completely necessary if you believe Google (or almost …). The Mountain View giant does not deny that the Cupertino app has appeared in the list of apps that are compatible with popular Smart Home devices, but he also added that it was a bug.


apple music google home
Apple Music appeared among the compatible applications, but it was only a bug. © MacRumors

For now, only Amazon Echo device owners can take advantage of this feature, while big G fans will have to settle for other streaming music services , all but Amazon Music and Apple Music. After declaring this story as a result of a simple bug, Alphabet spokesperson added that the company has no intention of adding any of them to Google Home.

Do not give up hope, things change quickly and agreement is possible. As Jean-Claude Dus said, “we never know, on a misunderstanding it can work”