Nubia unveils its soft-screen phone watch

With the Alpha concept, which will be presented at the  Mobile World Congress 2019, in Barcelona, the subsidiary of Chinese ZTE does not want to talk about a watch but a phone that wraps itself around the wrist.


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The smartphones will not be the only ones to benefit from flexible displays. The proof with the teaser unveiled by Nubia who presents us a wristwatch whose screen goes around the wrist. The slogan? ”  Flex Your Life  “. A flexible screen on a watch is unheard of, and it allows to enjoy a large display area. Except that when it is seen on the wrist of some privileged, we realize that it has the volume of an electronic bracelet, and it is ultimately not very discreet.

Moreover, Nubia prefers to talk about a smartphone that is worn on the wrist, rather than a smartwatch. Presented as a prototype under the name of Alpha at IFA 2018, the aircraft will be unveiled for good February 24 and visible at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona. It benefits from a flexible OLED screen on which icons, images and lines of text appear. If the shell is plastic, the bracelet is metal.