On Android Facebook is monitoring you even without being registered!

The year 2019 begins like how 2018 had ended for Facebook. An association reveals new compromising practices for the social network. Indeed, Facebook would be able to collect data through other Android software. In short, exactly everything that should not be done after the RGPD.


The RGPD was supposed to protect you entirely against the illegal exploitation of your personal data. It seems however that Facebook does not need the approval of the European Union even if you do not have an account on the social network. This practice is revealed by the association Privacy International based in London.

Facebook refutes all accusations and accuses other applications

Privacy International has been testing about 30 mobile apps available on the Google Play Store. On 34 proven mobile apps, it appears that 20 send personal data to the social network Facebook. How does this last ask you? Well, the company has a tool that it provides to the application developers named SDK. The only problem with this kit is that the SDK would automatically transmit personal information to the social network. Result, following the test it is revealed that a virtual robot portrait of the user in order to subsequently calibrate properly targeted advertisements.

If Android mobile applications are concerned by this issue, there is no guarantee that owners of the iPhone are also protected against this. In order to protect you against this, 01Net recommends that you download data protection software such as NetGuard. According to the laws of the RPGD, Facebook can be considered responsible and therefore condemned. For its part, the company Mark Zuckerberg refutes its responsibility in the collection of personal data and blames the fault against the developers of applications. Among them, there are TripAdvisor, Indeed or Talking Tom.