Oppo has hidden the photo sensor under the screen

Oppo has finally integrated its revolutionary photo sensor, hidden under the screen of the smartphone screen. But this is only a prototype, the marketing of a real model is not for now.

While Xiaomi has just unveiled a smartphone with two sensors on the front to improve selfies , Oppo  takes the opposite view of its compatriot by deciding to hide the sensor under the screen. Announced last June, this technological feat becomes almost reality since our colleagues from 01net.com were able to take charge of a smartphone of the brand with this sensor called USC for ”  Under Screen Camera“.

The promise is kept since there is actually no hole in the screen, nor a camera located in the edge as is the case with some models. Then, it is confirmed, we can actually take selfies, and it is in fact by leaving it in the dark, the upper part of the screen, that Oppo manages to succeed in snapshots with this sensor located under the panel. the material allows light to pass through.

Blur on the release date

According to our colleagues, it is rather convincing and it will be enough for occasional use, as is often the case for selfies intended essentially to be shared on social networks or by SMS . Clearly, this is not great definition but it is enough.

01net.com specifies that when using an application or displaying a snapshot with a light background, it is possible to see the sensor located under the screen, without it being ultimately detrimental to use. In the video above, we can clearly see it, and it’s true that by adding a black strip, Oppo manages to hide it completely.

As for availability, it remains unclear since the smartphone tested is a prototype and Oppo is not certain to integrate the USC on a model from 2020. Why? Because the quality of selfies is an essential purchasing criterion in China.