Oppo unveils hidden camera in the screen

The Chinese Oppo and Xiaomi just published almost simultaneously on Twitter images of smartphones devoid of sensor selfies. This one would be under the surface of the screen.

Notch, shark fin for the Oppo Reno , hole in the screen, retractable selfies module for OnePlus  or sliding for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, or more simply a filter on each side of the mobile, for some years the manufacturers are looking for solutions to maximize the display area on the front of the screen.

Today, it is almost simultaneously that the Chinese Oppo and Xiaomi have just unveiled a technology that could put everyone in agreement. 

At first glance, there is no photo module on the screen. This one is under the touch screen, in the same way as the sensors are found on some smartphones under the surface of the screen. This is the case, for example, for the OnePlus 6T or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Still problems of quality to be solved

On the images posted on account of Xiaomi on Twitter, we can see that the part where the photosensor is displayed in black. The pixels are turned off so that the screen becomes transparent optics. The mobile is a Xiaomi Mi 9 that has been modified to incorporate the technology. For its part,  Oppo presented the same type of mobile with a screen top whose display turns off the time of the shooting.

For the moment, the two manufacturers do not explain what the technical constraints imposed by the presence of a photo module under the screen are. A clue, a priori according to Oppo the quality is not yet at the rendezvous. It will undoubtedly wait until the next re-entry for a specific treatment for this area of ​​the screen is applied to act as optics, without altering the touch function and display.