Pixel 4: Google confirms arrival of radar for motion detection

While the Pixels 3 shone by the quality of their photos, their successors will land with two new features: facial recognition and gesture detection. It will be able to turn off the alarm or switch from one song to another without touching the device, simply by making gestures.

The rumors were right: the Pixel 4 will indeed integrate a motion detector. It is Google that confirms with a small video, and as imagined it is actually the application of the project Soli, based on a radar developed for four years. It will be placed on the front of the smartphone in the middle of half a dozen sensors, and it will control the device with gestures.

For now, what Google offers will be very basic since we can move from one song to another miming to sweep the screen, turn off the alarm or mute a call. In the long term, the possibilities are numerous, but the first attempts made by the competition did not convince … Moreover, one wonders if this innovation will not duplicate the voice assistant that allows, today, to control very easily his smartphone by the voice. Clearly, is it a gadget more or a real innovation able to create a standard for the years to come?

On the top of the smartphone, hides a lot of sensors useful for the detection of the movements but also the facial recognition.  © Google

Facial recognition also happens

Google also took the opportunity to announce the arrival of facial recognition, democratized by Apple with FaceID. It will be possible to unlock the Pixel 4 by placing his face in front of the smartphone. No need to put your fingerprint or enter a code. Side security and privacy of data, Google ensure that the face of the person does not leave the smartphone and no data is sent to the servers. Everything is encrypted and recorded in the Titan M chip, already present on Pixel 3 and dedicated to security.