Pixel 4a, Google’s answer to the iPhone SE and the OnePlus North

Google unveiled its new products for the second half 2020 with Pixel 4a, very cheap version of its Pixel 4. Sold 349 euros version 4G, this Android smartphone 10 will be available on 1 st October and intends to compete with models Chinese and the iPhone SE, Apple’s mid-range model.

The middle of the year seems to rhyme with the … mid-range. This is what we can deduce from the recent releases of the iPhone SE at Apple, the North for OnePlus , and today, the Pixel 4a from Google . As its name suggests, it is the little brother of the Pixel 4, and at the same time, the replacement for the Pixel 3a released a year ago.

No frills with only one photo sensor but it is of very high quality.  © Google

For Google, it is therefore a question of occupying space in this mid-range, and the price is the first strong point: 349 euros. The other good news is that its design is more successful than that of its big brother. The 5.8-inch screen loses its borders, and the Oled panel displays images in Full HD + definition, i.e. 2,340 x 1,080 pixels. For comparison, the iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch screen, while the North’s is 6.8 inches. The Pixel 4a is therefore located in the middle: neither too big nor too small. All with Android 10 in bare version.

The Pixel 4a will only be available in two months …

On the screen, a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 730g, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage memory. It is worthy of a high-end model, and for the photo part, strong point of the Pixel 4 , there is a single sensor of 12.2 million pixels at the back. No wide angle. No optical zoom. But Google kept the Night Vision mode to shoot the sky and the stars as well as the video stabilizer. On the front, a punch hides an eight million pixel camera for selfies .

What disappears is the motion detector and facial recognition. But at 349 euros, it’s still a very good deal, although it will wait to obtain it since Google announced its availability is for the 1 st October, in two months. That is, a week before the arrival of the 5G version , sold for 499 euros, and especially the Pixel 5, the brand’s next  high-end smartphone.