Project B: LG’s roll-up screen smartphone

Expected in early 2021, this smartphone will be the first to be equipped with a scrolling screen.

The year 2019 was truly the first of the era of foldable smartphones. Manufacturers are still looking for the ideal architecture for these mobiles and some models already look promising, like Huawei’s Mate X. In 2020, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi … are still working on the foldable mobile that will revolutionize the world of smartphones.

LG roll-up smartphone screen can bend in two directions

Among these players, there is the manufacturer LG. He would have planned to launch in early 2021 a smartphone with a roll-up screen, according to information from the Korean site The device is codenamed ”  Project B  ” and is based on a patent that was published last year. For the moment, between one thousand and two thousand prototypes have already been produced for testing. Technological side, so that the screen can be rollable it rests on a flexible OLED panel resulting from a partnership between the Chinese company BOE and LG.

More new features coming soon

According to the source, contrary to what one might suppose, the fact that the screen is rollable rather than foldable does not create a more complicated design. A foldable screen must be designed to withstand significant pressure at the fold, while for a roll-up screen the pressure is distributed over the surface of the screen. On the other hand, it is the overlapping of such a screen with the other components of the device which can prove to be complex.

In terms of roll-up screen, LG is not its first try. He had already done the show with a TV with a screen of this type at CES 2019. This time it will be a question of transforming the test into a mobile version.

In addition to this ambitious  Project B , the South Korean company is also working on other innovations. Thus, in the second half of this year, LG should launch a flagship smartphone known by the code name ”  Horizontal  “. Next year, the brand also intends to market another mobile called for the moment “  Rainbow  ”. In both cases, no information has filtered on the specifics of these new mobiles.