PUBG Mobile surpasses Fortnite in mobile revenue

It was thought the battle battle battle Royal Battle buried with the hegemony of Fortnite on all consoles. In the light of the figures given by Sensor Tower, it seems that the mobile market is the preserve of PUBG Mobile which advances incontrovertible revenues.

Building on this success, PUBG Mobile and Tencent Games have decided to capitalize on the success of its title. Premium subscriptions are offered to players with exclusive rewards.

 In fact, during the month of February, the Sensor Tower site estimated an increase in title income of 83% with a figure of 65 million dollars generated.

PUBG Mobile stronger than Fortnite on iOS

Where the difference is between the two royal battle titles, it is at the Apple Store. According to analysis site estimates, revenue generated by PUBG Mobile on the App Store would have grown by 53% in March where Fortnite dropped by 18%. On the graph below, we can see that since its release in April 2018, the title of Tencent has only grown. 

Assuming only a slight fall during the month of February. At the dawn of its sixth season launched in March, the month of April the mobile game is promising.

Seeking to optimize their revenue, Tencent and PUBG Mobile have launched a subscription service that is successful in mobile applications. The title already gives pride of place to in-game purchases either through boxes or other credits. 

The principle is simple: you have several levels of subscriptions ranging from 0.99 euros per month to 10.49. With this subscription, you will be entitled to a regular amount of credit, daily discounts on lots and crates promotions. 

In short, what will sustain the economic success of PUBG Mobile?