Robocar is the world’s fastest freestyle race car

The  Guinness World Records validated the top speed of 280 km / h established by Roborace’s autonomous racing car.

Records seem to be fashionable right now, whether for electric or autonomous cars. After the Porsche Taycan at the Nürburgring and the Volkswagen ID.R, at Tianmen Mountain, it’s Roborace’s turn to grab the attention. The company carrying the Autonomous Race Car Championship project has just announced that its Robocar prototype holds the first-ever world speed record in its class.

The performance was certified by  Guinness World Records last March in a two-round attempt at the Elvington Airfield in the UK. Driven by artificial intelligence, the Robocar reached 282.42 km/hour in a straight line. Since there was no previous record, the Guinness World Record organization decided that the speed to beat would be 160 mph or 257.4 km / h.

The Robocar is supposed to reach 320 km / h

Unveiled in 2017, the Robocar is entirely made of carbon fiber. Equipped with an all-wheel drive, it uses four electric motors of 300 kW each supposed to allow it to reach 320 km / h. For the moment, she has not yet participated in the Roborace races.

The organization launched the Roborace “Alpha Season ” this year with the first real-world race between two DevBot 2.0 prototypes that took place at the Monteblanco circuit in Spain. Everything went as planned even if, as we said, the race was sorely lacking. Let’s hope that the Robocar record will allow the project to take a new step.