RoboRaise, this robot adapts to the strength of your arms

This is RoboRaise, the moving assistant robot. Developed by MIT, he detects the muscular tension of his human duo to lift an object synchronously with him.

In the United States, researchers at the MIT Computer and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have just invented the robot assistant moving. Rather than programming a robot to execute movements, RoboRaise was developed, a robotic arm that can synchronize its force and motion with that of the human with whom it carries an object.

The principle is that which one practices naturally when one seeks to move in two a heavy and bulky object. The two carriers manage to gauge simultaneously the force to be deployed at the start.

Hand in hand with robots

Usually, the electronic accessories can communicate with us by many biases like the image, the voice, the gestures, or various sensors (laser, radar).

In this case, this way of interacting with a machine is unprecedented. The robot captures the tension of the muscles of the biceps of his human partner. He achieves this through electrodes ( EMG ) glued to the person’s arm and connected to the robot.

More specifically, the algorithm analyzes the electrical signals from the muscles when the user flexes them, relaxes them, or moves up or down. With this information, the robot will immediately get an idea of ​​the movement and the power to deploy to lift the object.