Samsung dreams of a TV without the slightest wire!

The Korean manufacturer has filed a patent that suggests a TV devoid of any cable. Even the power wire has disappeared thanks to an induction system.

With the exception of smartphones, which can operate without any cable, the term “wireless” is most often usurped. For the simple reason that there is always a need for a power cable to connect a device or charge it, and this is the case for example for wireless speakers that communicate in Bluetooth with an amp, but which remain connected to the sector.

Except at Samsung, we plan to cut all cables, even the TV! That’s what LetsGoDigital discovered through a patent filing that dates from a year ago. At the back of the TV, there is no cable, but on the other hand, we notice a case, similar to a soundbar, and precisely Samsung would intend to take the idea of its One Connect case in there. adding power, and even wireless charging by electromagnetic induction.

Located at a convenient distance, the external housing would wirelessly power the TV but also transmit audio and video signals. © WIPO

A real technological feat

This is a process already used for smartphones and the goal would be to power the entire TV with this housing placed at a distance far enough away that we can not see the cable. Technologically, it would be a remarkable feat since this box would also be used to transmit video and audio, in HD quality, and if the device is only at the stage of studies, it is that it must be complicated to make 100% wireless, especially since it still requires a beefy diet to turn the integrated processors in the bar.