Samsung imagines a roll out smartphone

The Korean manufacturer continues to imagine the smartphone of tomorrow, and he has filed patents for a smartphone whose screen size evolves with a slab system that wraps and unfolds. 

After the screen without edges, then the foldable screen, place in the scrollable screen! Samsung, who had a big quack with his Galaxy Fold still not available in the trade, is thinking about the design of a smartphone whose screen could grow. This is currently a patent filing, discovered by  Let’s Go Digital, and we discover a ”  slider  ” of a new kind because by sliding the back of the smartphone, we do not discover a keyboard, but we extend the surface of the screen.

According to the few details present in the patents, it will be possible to enlarge the screen by 60% maximum. This is a mechanism where the screen, flexible, comes to wind inside the phone. Exactly like the shutters of a house. This makes it possible not to cut too much on the space necessary for the other components like the processor, the memory and the photosensors.

The smartphone project imagined by Samsung would increase the screen area by 60%.  © Samsung

Towards smaller smartphones?

For now, it is simply a patent filing, and it will probably take several years for this project to become a reality. But if the flexible and windable screen convinces manufacturers, it could result in the return of small smartphones, easy to store, but the screen could go from 4 to 7 or 8 inches with this system.

Samsung has already filed a patent for a  tablet-shaped brick so the screen could unfold to reach 8