Samsung invents the invisible keyboard

In its laboratories, Samsung is thinking about the keyboard of tomorrow. The manufacturer is working on an application called ”  SelfieType ” which allows you to write on your smartphone or tablet without a physical or virtual keyboard. At a distance from the device, you tap on the table or on the desk, and as if by magic, the words appear on the screen.

Better than the wireless keyboard or the virtual keyboard of your smartphone, here is the keyboard invisible! It is Samsung which presents it and it is called ”  SelfieType  “. He comes straight out of his C-Lab nursery where start-ups are thinking about the digital technology of tomorrow, and we remember that Samsung had patented a virtual keyboard where the fingers replaced the keys.

The idea is different, and this time it is necessary to do without a wireless or virtual keyboard to write on a smartphone or tablet. You just have to wave your fingers on an invisible keyboard for the letters to appear on the screen. How does it work since the table or the desk are not digital, as it already exists? It is in fact, the front camera of the device that is responsible for filming the fingers and transcribing what is written.

A simple application is enough

The artificial intelligence course, a lot and the one that detects and analyzes the movements. Before the eyes, the user sees a virtual keyboard, and he sees the keys sink on the screen. This allows at the same time not to be glued to your smartphone, and to be able to write emails or notes from anywhere.

For the moment, this innovation is not yet available, and if it allows taking advantage of a wider “keyboard” to write on a smartphone, it does, however, require a period of adaptation to get used to writing on a flat surface without marks. One thing is certain, it requires no additional equipment; it is simply an application and it is the power of the smartphone, the tablet or even the computer if it has a webcam, which does the rest.