Seety: the ideal mobile app to avoid Parking Tickets

When you are driving, there are certain constraints, especially regarding parking in big cities. The Seety mobile app is here to help you avoid tickets. The goal is to prevent the presence of agents of the city likely to impose a fine.

These are our friends from the Lille metropolis who can benefit from the Seety software after the agglomeration of Paris. At the origin of the latter, Hadrien Crespin, a Brussels resident tired of paying tickets because of illegal parking. 

Even if the application seems interesting and especially useful, it encourages crime in French law since it signals the agents of the public force.

Seety defends itself to promote fraud

The principle of the Seety application takes over what worked with Coyote. The goal is to make the whole community work within the software. You will be able to report “risk areas”, including places where traffic police may pass to control parking. 

In addition, if you have not bothered to pay for your ticket and periwinkle is lying in the corner, it is possible that another user of the application will notify you via a notification.

Despite this, the software created by our Belgian friend raises some questions, particularly on the issue of legality. French law considers it a crime to report the presence of a controller as it may have existed for the RATP. 

To these questions, Hadrian Crespin replied that Seety is not intended to encourage its users not to pay for parking. Indeed, if the police are present, you will obviously be encouraged to pay. Be aware that the mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. If you are ever in a parking situation, you will still be able to download Check Your Parking.