SEGA: Sonic at the Olympics arrives on mobile

The Tokyo Olympics are approaching and the licensed video games are coming in the same way. In a recent press release from SEGA, the Japanese firm unveiled 4 games stamped Olympic Games 2020. It will soon be possible to rediscover Mario and Sonic in events enduished on Switch, PS4, Arcade and even mobile!

On the occasion of the 2020 Olympics, it is natural for SEGA to unveil games related to this event. Indeed, SEGA is a regular in Olympic video games. 

In addition, the 2020 Olympics will take place in Tokyo, enough to force the patriotism of the Japanese firm. Since 2007, SEGA has become accustomed to join its legendary rival Nintendo to offer the famous Mario and Sonic tire at the Olympic Games. For the moment, only 4 titles are planned with disparate and imprecise release dates.

SEGA at the Olympics on PS4, Switch, Arcade

A thrilling trailer reveals some images of the games planned.

First, the official Olympics game Tokyo 2020: The Official Videogame will be playable on PS4 and Switch. It is expected in 2019 in Japan and 2020 in the rest of the world. This game is more serious than others because it is not a Sonic or Mario version. 

The player will be able to create his avatar and bring him to the various events of the Tokyo Olympics against other players from around the world.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics will take place on the console of Nintendo, the Switch. Expected for Winter 2019, this game from a saga now legendary takes the characters in the world of Mario and Sonic compete in the Olympic disciplines. Anyway, Sonic is the fastest. An Arcade version of this game is also planned. Indeed, the Japanese are hardcore fans of the arcade. 

A niche segment that is not widespread in the world, but which the Japanese are raving about. The kiosk should benefit from specific commands to further enhance the gaming experience.

Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

It is impossible today to miss the mobile segment. SEGA understood that, so we can expect to see a Sonic game in 2020. Of course, this one is based on the Olympic Games. By means of touch controls, the player will be able to try to beat world records with the characters of the emblematic saga.

The game should come out on Apple and Android smartphones. The touch controls seem particularly suited to this type of game. Indeed, the previous games of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics have had great success on Nintendo DS and 3DS. So we have full confidence in SEGA which should offer a neat mobile title for long hours of entertainment.