Snapchat unveils glasses capable of creating 3D snaps

For Snapchat fans, the brand’s sunglasses are back in a third version featuring two HD cameras and new 3D effects.

Snap, the creator of the Snapchat app, has just announced the third version of its Spectacles eyewear. These glasses sun can record as many pictures as videos and share them directly as “snaps”.

The big novelty of this third version of the Spectacles is the addition of a second HD camera to capture the depth of field. Spectacles record stereoscopically snapshots or videos and then apply 3D filters, such as adding virtual elements to the image. The company stages particular photos with a small effect of rotation in 3D, made possible by the different angles of the two cameras. They also have four microphones for video, and a button to take snapshots or record videos in HD at 60 frames per second.

Expected delivery this fall

The glasses are made of stainless steel and are available in two colors: “Carbon” (black) or “Mineral” (light pink). They connect to the Snapchat application on the mobile in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for the direct publication of snapshots without having to take his mobile phone out of the pocket.

Each pair of shoes comes with a case for storage, but also for charging with an integrated battery for up to four charges. The case can be connected to the mains using a Type C USB plug. Spectacles are already available in limited edition and pre-order at 370 euros, with a delivery scheduled for the fall.

Sunglasses, here in Mineral (light pink), are equipped with a second HD camera to capture the depth of the field.  © Snap