Soccer Robots, a painless delivery and music in the walls

Virtual reality to forget the pain of childbirth, but also the augmented reality to hang his music on the walls … This week, Funny tech puts a headset on his head, without forgetting of course to walk his last robot, who plays football in autumn leaves.

Our weekly meeting offers you an offbeat look at the news of new technologies. The bias is to entertain you, to surprise you and make you dream or sigh.

An excuse generator in the event of a security breach

Not a day without learning that a security breach has hit a publisher of software or applications, or worse the administration or a bank. Every time a breach is discovered, nothing is more vague and laconic than the apology of a company after an intrusion into its security system. That’s what makes the site  Why the fuck was I breached, a generator of parody excuses thought by Reflare a cybersecurity company.

A group of robot dogs has fun in the dead leaves

MIT impresses – or scares – more and more with its robots. Take these Mini-Cheetahs, 9- kilogram quadrupeds remotely controlled, that look like little dogs when they “play” the ball outside in the middle of the dead leaves. The goal: to prove that they can coordinate and act together. Hoping that they will be used, once operational, only to help save lives. But when we look at the Black Mirror series, we can also expect the worst.

Spotify now available in Augmented Reality

Be able to “place” music in every room of your home with an augmented reality headset, so you can listen to it later on speakers built into the same headset: you had not dreamed of it, but Spotify and Magic Leap did it anyway. As shown in the video below, the walls of your house become a virtual table where you stink music, such as sticky notes on his desk or favorites in his browser.