Sono Sion: here is the interior of the electric and solar minivan

While the first deliveries of the Sono Sion are expected at the end of the year, it is time to discover the interior of the electric and solar minivan that incorporates an air filtration system using a natural foam.

The Munich-based manufacturer Sono Motors specializes in solar electric vehicles. His minivan Sion will include 248 solar cells integrated into his body. After presenting the exterior, the firm published a snapshot of the interior of this eco-friendly city car.

According to Sono Motors, the foam in the cabin is designed to filter the air and improve its quality. In addition to displaying a beautiful green color, this foam has been treated to not require any particular maintenance. It helps to regulate moisture and filter the air inside the vehicle. Above this foam, there is a 10-inch digital display, but the company has not yet unveiled the technology that this model will ship.

More than 10,000 pre-orders for Sion Sound

Sono presents Zion as a family vehicle ” with a tow bar for the holidays and a large boot for the weekend races”. It will accommodate a driver and four passengers. It includes height-adjustable seat belts and enough space for long legs to accommodate all family members.

In terms of technical specifics, once recharged, the vehicle will travel 250 km, and the maximum solar autonomy will be 34 km. Its top speed will reach 140 km / h thanks to the motorization of 120 kW and a battery of 35 kWh.

Other features put forward by the manufacturer, the Sion will be delivered with spare parts so that the driver can tinker himself his vehicle in case of failure, and this minivan can even be recharged on a standard power outlet. Although its production is not expected to start before 2020, Sono Motors has already collected more than 10,000 pre-orders of a vehicle that is expected to reach 25,500 €.