Sony is preparing a smartphone with roll-up screen

After Samsung, it is time for Sony to consider launching a smartphone with a slab that unwinds and wraps. Preview as the prototype, this new model could arrive at the end of the year with a 5G connection.

And if Sony was the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with a roll-up screen? This is what whispers since the Japanese giant would have taken the lead over the competition with a screen, not foldable as on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Mate X Huawei’s, but rollable.

This is the always well-informed Samsung News account that publishes part of the configuration of the prototype of the new Sony smartphone, and we discover a screen signed LG with the design “Nautilus”. Behind this name hides one of the Korean manufacturer’s technologies:  a flexible, foldable and rollable slab. As LG has more or less dropped in the smartphone sector, its slabs could interest Sony whose Xperia range remains a reference for photo and display quality.

From 5G to the menu

Among the other features of this prototype: a photosensor with an optical zoom x10, a battery of 3.220 mAh and an SM7250 processor signed Qualcomm. The final version would turn to a Snapdragon 855 and an x50 modem synonymous with 5G.

On the side of availability, the Samsung News account evokes December 2019, or even the beginning of the year 2020. Which means that we could see it at the MWC in Barcelona, ​​the biggest exhibition on mobility. Recall that Samsung, sworn enemy of LG, would also have in his cartons a smartphone with a roll-up screen, and three years ago, the brand had demonstrated its home technology.