Stark Drive Torque, an electric bike with NFC and fingerprint reader

Stark is a Swedish brand of foldable electric bicycles that offers a new model full of technology, including a fingerprint reader to secure access and promote sharing between multiple users.

An electric-assisted bicycle (EVA) is good. A power booster with foldable power is better. An electric bike, foldable, secure with the same technology as a smartphone and sold less than 1,000 euros, it’s downright Byzantium! Here’s exactly what Stark wants to offer with its new Stark Drive Torque. This Swedish brand offers foldable pedals under 500 euros, which is a rarity for this type of products.

This time, Stark is playing the card of embedded technology, promising a new security system on a bike: an NFC chip and a fingerprint reader. Devices that will be used to activate the power supply with an NFC-compatible smartphone or a finger. It will even be possible to use two-factor authentication, as for online services, to further strengthen protection.

The bike folds completely in half for easy transport.  © Stark

The wireless charger for smartphone

The other surprise, to say the least, is that the 22 Ah battery of this bike can provide a wireless charger to a smartphone. The manufacturer has not yet explained how this system will work. Like the other models of the brand, the Stark Drive Torque has a hinge at the top tube that also includes Panasonic’s battery.

Stark provides two versions: the Stark Drive Torque, with a 250 W engine and 80 Nm of torque that can reach 42 km / h with assistance; the Stark Drive Torque Max with its fat bike wheels that loads a 1,000 W engine for 160 Nm of torque and a top speed of 62 km / h. Side autonomy, we announced up to 120 km and 150 km for the Torque and Torque Max with the lowest level of assistance.

For the aesthetic aspect, we can not say that we are in finesse and elegance. But, with a base price of 999 dollars for all these benefits, there is not essential. Stark plans to raise funds to finance the production of these bikes via an Indiegogo campaign running in August.