Swimming in augmented reality, an antelope of space and tennis in Google

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the conquest of the Moon, an antelope-like robot to explore the soils of distant planets. More fun, this robot who invites himself in the challenge that is raging on social networks: the  Bottle Cap Challenge. By this time, nothing better than a trip to the pool with glasses connected. Not to mention Wimbledon with a little game of tennis hidden in Google.

Our weekly meeting offers you an offbeat look at the news of new technologies. The party is to entertain you, surprise you and make your dream or sigh.

An antelope of space, the future of robot explorers?

To overcome the constraints encountered by space robots on the sites where they are sent, the researchers at the Zurich Polytechnic, aided by the European Space Agency, have developed a device inspired by the antelope and named SpaceBook. On dry land, the robot is able to perform impressive jumps off a few centimeters. But as the gravity is much less important on the Moon or Mars, for example, these leaps could reach the two meters. It remains to adjust the stability of this antelope space so that it can go down and land safely after each propulsion.

Connected pool goggles to monitor performance in real-time

While runners, walkers, and cyclists have lots of technologies to monitor their performance in real-time, swimmers are orphaned. The initial premise of startup Form was so simple: how to monitor its activity underwater as it can be done on dry land?

Answer: by developing connected glasses for swimming. The company has therefore developed a revolutionary gadget, capable of displaying in augmented reality intermediate times, a distance traveled, or the frequency and number of movements performed by the user. An application obviously allowing to analyze all these cold data, once out of the water. Release scheduled on August 7, priced at 200 euros a pair.

Google hides a tennis mini-game in its search engine 

Never stingy with ”  Easter Egg,  ” Google took advantage of the Wimbledon tournament to develop an accessible tennis game by simply typing the word “Wimbledon” into its search engine.

Then just scroll through the purple frame indicating the latest results until you see a small tennis ball, and click on it. In the key, a mini-game in “8-bit” very simplistic where the objective is to make the most of exchanges by using the right and left arrows of your keyboard. With characters that change with each request: cat, rabbit, Mexican wrestler, and others.