Talion: early pre-registration for this uncompromising MMO

Talion is an MMORPG for the mobile platform developed by Gamevil. Fans of the genre can already pre-register and enjoy only a few gifts in advance. You can register on the official website or directly from the Play Store.

Already available in Japan and Russia, MMO Talion is preparing to arrive in France. Go to the game site or the Play Store to register. Developed by Gamevil, already known for Zenonia or Baseball Superstar, this game wants to be an uncompromising MMO. An ambitious slogan that places this game directly in front of the other RPG of the moment, The Elder Scrolls Blades.

Talion, the mobile MMO for gamers

There are several wars in the world of video games. There is the one opposing the dragons and the Dovahkiin and the one opposing the PC players of the others. But unanimously, hardcore gamers consider mobile games as games for amateurs “casuals” and noobs. Talion has the power to unify the different camps. Indeed, this game combines neat graphics with an uncompromising MMORPG experience.

As such, Talion offers a panel of interesting features such as a 360 camera or an avatar customization tool. You will be able to relive your first hours on an RPG, to choose the shape of the eyebrow of your warrior, what a pleasure. 

In addition, you will discover a PvE mode consisting of quests, dungeons, and events, as well as a PvP mode. The latter counts on dynamic battles in 5 against 5, 1 vs 1 or even 20 against 20, as well as on boss Raids. You’ll understand, you’re in an RPG, without the keyboard, without a mouse, but with your Android or iOS smartphone. At launch, the player can embody one of the 4 classes among Warrior, Assassin, Mage or Pistolero, quite classic.

In order to justify the quality of his game, Gamevil advances in a press release.

With this game, we want to impose a new standard, and offer a massively multiplayer online role-playing game without compromise. This requires providing ultra-high-quality localized versions, having an active official community available on multiple channels for direct feedback. Of course, this means offering excellent gameplay for solo or group players, regardless of whether they opt for PvP or PvE.