Telerama launches its application for series and film

The magazine specialized in cinema Télérama no longer wants to remain in its reputation as elitist title and seeks to address the youngest who no longer watch TV. For the so-called “YouTube” and “Netflix” generation, it is above all to interest them in content that will be available on their software.

The software developed for Télérama was officially launched last Friday in beta. The main strength of the mobile application is the critical strength of an editor lapped to watching movies and other video content. The goal is primarily to address an audience that usually does not read the magazine.

Telerama relies on Netflix or Amazon subscriptions to seduce

In order to attract an increasingly large audience, Télérama offers on its mobile application a paid subscription with a welcome offer to one euro for the first month. Then the price goes up to 6.99 euros per month. Every day, the software offers you a selection of content to watch on DTT, YouTube or other platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

You are offered magazine review, casting, and trailer of each content. You have of course access to the TV program every week according to the theme with the ability to customize your TV package.

The other great strength of the Télérama mobile application is the ability to access more than 300 films each year. Indeed, the magazine has established partnerships with video-on-demand platforms such as CanalVOD, in order to obtain exclusive content. 

For Catherine Sueur, president of the executive board of the weekly, contacted by 20 Minutes, the goal is to conquer an audience between 15 and 34 years. The magazine attracts 4 million unique visitors per month on its web version and draws 500,000 copies per week, so it would be a market leader in France.