Tesla Model 3 films its vandals in action

Thanks to the new sentinel mode, Tesla can activate its network of external cameras to film any suspicious activity. The system once again proves its effectiveness by shooting live two people vandalizing the body of a Model 3.

The new sentinel mode of Tesla does not stop to make speak about him. Activated in March through a software update on the Tesla Model 3, Model X and Model S, this system uses the eight cameras scattered all around the vehicle for driver assistance to conduct surveillance.

It was introduced following numerous cases of vandalism reported by Tesla owners. As soon as someone touches, touches, or taps on the car, the cameras film 360 °. A message on the dashboard center screen indicates that the sentinel mode is activated.

Barely put into service, the system has proven itself, filming people in the act of malicious acts. The latest example is probably the most spectacular. In the video below, we can see two men approaching a Tesla Model 3 parked next to their pickup on which they seem to notice a trace or hump caused by the opening of a door.

Thinking visibly that the adjacent Tesla is at the origin of this damage, they decide to take revenge on his bodywork several raging key shots.

She puts her dog on the hood of a Tesla Model 3

Lack of luck for them, the Model 3 films the whole scene. We see the two men visibly pleased with their bad shot back to the charge to tackle the car again before driving away from their 4×4.

Unfortunately for the owner of the Tesla, the cameras could not film the license plate. But the sentinel mode has already proved effective by leading to the arrest of a woman who vandalized a Tesla with a key.

A little more smiling is this other case where we see a lady install a teddy and her dog on the hood of a brand new Model 3 to take a picture! Like the other, where there is an embarrassment, there is no pleasure.