The 10 years of the iPad, the tablet that did not bury the PC

10 years ago, Apple launched its first touch pad and today, the iPad represents almost 40% of the market. Over the years, the tablet has been refined, the screen has grown, a keyboard and a stylus have arrived. However, this type of device still fails to replace a laptop.

January 27, 2010. The late Steve Jobs created the occasion during his usual keynote with the arrival of the iPad , the first Apple tablet . But, at that time, what did a tablet look like? First, we must remember that Apple is more or less a precursor. There had already been timid attempts, but no manufacturer had succeeded in imposing this type of digital slate which went beyond the simple framework of the electronic reader.

When it arrives, the iPad impresses with its size and weight. It’s still 700 grams with a screen of almost 10 inches. It is not a device that you put in your pocket. For example, we are far from the Amazon Kindle , but for Jobs, a tablet must have a large screen, in color and touch, of course, usable without a stylus.

The first model did not have a photo-video sensor

Some, at the time, even announced that she was going to bury the classical computer . In 2010, three years after the release of the iPhone , mobility increased. Wireless connections are faster, applications become simple to use and you can surf the Internet on your tablet , send e-mails or write text or fill in an Excel file. You can also play, and this is a significant advantage on such a large screen. On the other hand, there is no front or rear camera, and that is what it has in common with a computer.

However, Jobs does not want it to be assimilated to a computer. He warns sellers: “Don’t let buyers think it’s a computer.” You cannot connect a printer or mouse. It is more of an XXL smartphone , and moreover, when it comes out, the iPad is also available in a WiFi / 3G version . Not necessarily to make a phone call, but to take advantage of another type of wireless connection.