The Chinese giant TCL jostles the market with its Plex smartphone

Specialist televisions, but also the owner of the brands Blackberry and Alcatel, the Chinese TCL landed on the smartphone market with its TCL Plex, a well-equipped model only 329 euros.

Best known for its televisions, the Chinese brand TCL is also a manufacturer of mobiles. This group also owns the brands Alcatel and Blackberry. From there to offer a smartphone under his own name, there was only one step. It has just been crossed at this edition of the IFA, in Berlin, with the presentation of the TLC Plex. 

Unthinkable for a TV manufacturer to be poor in the quality of the screen. According to TLC, that of the Plex is exceptional. The LDC panel incorporates a home technology called NXT Vision. It would both improve colors and increase contrast. This screen of 6, the sensor to selfies 24 megapixels. This is in the upper left corner of the screen.

Side photos, on the back of the device, TCL starts strong with a sensor 48 megapixels designed by Sony. It is this type of sensor that can be found on several high-end mobiles like the OnePlus 7 Pro , for example. Two other modules are present, including a 16-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel wide-angle camera for shooting under poor lighting conditions.

An attractive datasheet for a soft price

Inside the mobile, it’s the Snapdragon 675 Qualcomm backed by 6 GB of RAM that will be found. Side storage, the Plex will be offered with 128 GB of memory that it will be possible to expand to 256  via a microSD reader. The set is powered by a battery of 3.800 mAh, which seems to be a sufficient capacity to ensure the autonomy of at least the day. At connectivity level, according to TCL, the Plex is able to simultaneously accommodate up to four connected speakers or Bluetooth headsets.

For the moment, 5G is not in the program. This may be present with a foldable screen mobile that the company eventually plans to launch in 2020. In the meantime, this TCL Plex will be available in white or black before the end of the year at a very reasonable price of 329 euros.