The deepfake transforms Indiana Jones, the secretary of the future and earholes

As scary as it is, the deepfake can also make you smile when it comes to cross  Magnum and  Indiana Jones, two heroes of the years 1980-1990. On the other hand, what is really frightening is the representation of the office worker of tomorrow. Lighter, this shell designed by Samsung with ears to improve the sound reproduction or these distributors of croquettes hacked remotely!

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A security breach in croquette distributors

This is one of the major problems of new domestic technologies: the intrusion of a third party into the private space via connected objects. We know that the personal data they contain are used by manufacturers, that conversations can be heard via smart speakers, and even that your kibble distributor can be hacked remotely!  reports that a Russian security researcher has been able to access nearly 11,000 Xiaomi brand “FurryTail” distributors and could have modified the programmed feed schedules without the need for a word. password, or even make the device unavailable. The firm has been contacted and is committed to solving the problem.

Samsung files wing-shell patent

Like many big companies, Samsung files all kinds of patents more or less useful, having more or less chances to reach the stage of production. This shell model with human ears is in the category “weird” and we do not know yet if it will leave the factory It has been validated by The Hague International Design System but as it had been filed in early April, we can still believe in a fish of April.