The first laptops with fold-able screen is coming soon

After folding screen smartphones, computer manufacturers will study the possibility of creating laptops without a keyboard but with a large folding screen. According to Intel, no output expected before at least 2021.

The leading consumer technological innovation of recent months has been without a doubt the smartphones with a folding screen. Many eyes are now turning to the market for computer laptops, curious to see what manufacturers are going to do with these new screens.

At an Intel Symposium in Taiwan, Intel’s Chief Innovation Officer and Joshua D. Newman, Vice President of Customer Computing Group, spoke with Nikkei Asian colleagues on the topic.

 According to him, folding-screen computers will not come out for at least two years. ”  The research is still in its infancy, and we are trying to understand the capabilities and limitations of technology,  ” he said.

Two years ago, Lenovo unveiled a collapsible laptop concept.  © Lenovo

A minimum search time of two years

Intel conducts its research in partnership with screen manufacturers such as LG, Sharp, and Samsung. According to Joshua D. Newman, Intel would recognize some potential for foldable displays to transform the laptop experience, but research is just beginning, including what’s relevant to users.

The leader said it would take at least two years to see a product on the market because of the complications around this technology. However, if the research shows a real interest for the user, Intel and its partners could accelerate the development of such products.