The Hummer back in an electric version of 1,000 horsepower

General Motors has decided to resuscitate its huge all-terrain vehicle, the Hummer, in an electric version which will be unveiled in May 2020.

The black beast of ecologists is about to return, but this time to coax them. General Motors has just announced that it will present a fully electric Hummer on May 20. The huge terrain, which originally was the military vehicle Humvee, became in the 1990s a popular 4X4 some wealthy drivers and addicted to pat the eye , although helped by Arnold Schwarzenegger who was he – same fan.

Remember that the actor has since become a fervent defender of the environmental cause which he carried as governor of the State of California (2003-2011) and that he is now head of the non-governmental organization R20 which fights against climate change .

The grille of the Hummer EV is very aesthetically close to that of the original model.  © General Motors

Hummer EV, Super Bowl star

Beneath its virtuous exterior, the Hummer EV does not give up excess. General Motors announces an electric power equivalent to 1,000 horsepower and a torque of 15,590 Nm. This last data probably refers to the torque delivered by the wheels and not by the electric motors themselves. According to the manufacturer, the Hummer EV could shoot down 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. According to the first indications, it would have a pick-up type body.

We should have a first look at the publicity that General Motors planned to broadcast during the Super Bowl, the grand finale of the season 2019 of the  National Football League in the United States, to be held on 3 February. The Hummer EV will be assembled at the GM plant in Detroit-Hamtramck. Its launch is scheduled for spring 2021.