The incredible FaceTime bug that allows you to spy on your loved ones

This is a hardly credible story that affects the majority of iPhone users. The latter concerns the FaceTime software, the instant conversation application from Apple. This issue has emerged since the update of iOS 12 and the appearance of group calls.


First, Apple’s specialized news sites like reported the incident before a video on Twitter concretely materializes the bug. FaceTime may be misused could spy on your loved ones or contacts. Apple quickly responded by simply removing the feature.

FaceTime was easily exploitable by hackers

How does it work? Ere Numérique explains it to us since it was enough to call one of your contacts on FaceTime. Before it picks up you had to add to the conversation. Once this step was done, you could subsequently listen to your interlocutor in any case or even spy on the camera of the iPhone. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, advised Apple phone users to disable the software before Apple intervened. This is due to the latest update of iOS 12.1 that appeared in October.

This was done very quickly since the firm to Apple works hard to apply a patch on iOS 12. This is a real blow to Apple, which is rented for many years for the quality of its system and its software arsenal. One of the problems that are posed is the non-consent of users who have been hacked. The year is rather complex for the Cupertino company, even if it is working on new projects as a cloud gaming platform. Bad sales of its latest iPhone are also responsible for this anxiety-provoking climate. We are waiting for the next update of iOS 12.1.3.