The motorcycle of the future: shape change and 360 ° anti-collision system

Canadian youngster Damon Motors develops two prototypes of electric motorcycles, one equipped with a 360 ° collision detection system with haptic effect, the other with a variable geometry that allows modifying in real-time the position of the pilot.

Jay Giraud, founder and CEO of Damon Motors, wants to invent a future where the fatality of the accident in a motorcycle will be gone. For this, his young plant-based in Vancouver (Canada) is working on an unprecedented safety technology for both wheels. It is an anti-collision warning system that works 360 ° around the bike and warns its driver of imminent danger.

Called the  Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM), the device is based on a series of sensors, radars and cameras associated with an embedded neural network. The system can track up to 64 objects around the bike by analyzing their trajectory to predict their behaviour and anticipate a hazard.

The information is then transmitted to the driver by several visual and haptic warning systems thanks to a network of LEDs arranged around the cockpit and vibrations transmitted via the handles of the motorcycle. Finally, the AWSM system communicates in 5G with the serversDamon every road event that could help improve the embedded AI.

Vancouver police to equip BMW RTP1250

Damon Motors will provide this technology to the West Vancouver police who will install it on its fleet of BMW RTP1250s. The manufacturer hopes to market its innovation to other brands but also integrate it into its future electric motorcycle that combines the AWSM with another adaptive system also new. It is a variable geometry device that changes the position of the handlebars, footrests and saddle to change the posture of the driver and thus enhance his driving comfort.

These are ambitious technologies with which Damon Motors hopes to seduce the younger generation, the famous “millennials”, much more sensitive to the security argument than their elders. We will observe with interest to see if the future is right.