The Tor browser arrives on Android

For the security and privacy addicts on mobile, the Tor Project has just released a stable version for Android. Its handling is simple since it is based on Firefox. And it’s the assurance of surfing without leaving a trace.

If Android comes with Chrome, the most popular browser, nothing prevents you from installing and using a competitor. We knew Firefox, Opera, or Edge. It will now rely on Tor. Formerly reserved for Darknet aficionados, Tor won his stripes from the general public, and today, his arrival on Android marks a turning point.

Based on Firefox, it is merely the most secure browser on the market. When you use it, you leave no trace and do it anonymously. The goal is not to be a spy but to be assured that his data will not be harvested and exploited. Advertising agencies and other companies responsible for installing and analyzing cookies are powerless against the Tor system.

An integrated proxy to be untraceable

To achieve this, Tor uses his decentralized network, encrypted several times at each node. A Tor node is simply a server or relay, and there are thousands. This is how you are untraceable since two users can end up with the same IP address if they have passed through the same relay.

For the user, it is transparent, but everything goes through the proxy Orbot, integrated by default, which can however also be used independently for other applications. It is he who is responsible for you to access the Internet pages anonymously.

In use, no surprises. We find most of the functions present on Windows and Mac, and there is even a tab system to surf several sites at the same time. If you think it’s too secure, you can also drop ballast in the privacy options.