The United States is pushing for Grindr to be resold

It seems that the security of the territory has become a major issue for the United States even on the technological side. After Huawei, it’s the Grindr dating app that is under fire from US administration critics. The latter wants the software is resold to no longer be under Chinese hegemony.

The Chinese company Kunlun is currently the owner of the application reserved for the LGBT and Gay community. Indeed, it bought the latter in the year 2016. Only under pressure from the United States, the company could be forced to resell. This would be a risk for internal security.

Grindr is the most popular dating app for the LGBT community

If this decision were to be confirmed, it could be a real blow for Kunlun who, with this application, has a market leader. Grindr has a total of 4.2 million users with total hegemony in the LGBTQ + community, so much so that the Chinese company was seriously considering placing its software on the stock market during the month of August. Except that in the meantime, the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States went through it and quickly worried about the management of personal data.

This is where the bottom hurts for Grindr since, after the investigation conducted by the US, it seems that Kunlun is a danger to US national security. While during its redemption sessions, the Chinese firm had gone from downstream CFIUS.

 A few years later, the delay was caught and the CFIUS becomes a real thorn in the foot. During the month of April of this year, Grindr was pinned to share without encryption, some very important data of its users like in particular their seropositivity or not. In response, the dating app immediately changed his practice for the benefit of his clients.