The Volkswagen ID 3 is available for Pre-order

Volkswagen has opened the European pre-orders for the first model of its electric range ID which takes the name of ID 3. Three battery options will be offered, with a starting price of fewer than 30,000 euros.

That’s it! Volkswagen embarks on the niche of the electric sedan with the ID 3, which aims to be to the electric car what the Golf was to the gasoline engine.

This five-door, which has already been much talked about, has an official name and it is now available for pre-order for a deposit of 1,000 euros. But Volkswagen continues to maintain the suspense as the design of the ID 3 remains hidden under a camouflage paint that still protects its lines.

The interior is also mysterious, and it will be necessary to wait for the auto show in Frankfurt in September to be able to discover it from every angle.

The technical specifications are still inferior. Volkswagen announces that there will be three versions of the ID 3 with batteries 45, 58 and 77 kWh offering autonomy respectively of 330, 420 and 550 kilometers.

The basic model will be provided in Germany under the 30,000 mark announces the mark. But it will not be available immediately.

The final design of ID.3 is still hidden under this camouflage.  © Volkswagen

A limited series of ID 3 1st

As a first step, Volkswagen will market a limited set of ID 3 1st produced at 30,000 copies.

 It is this model that is available for pre-order in three finishes with the 58 kWh intermediate battery that provides 420 km of autonomy: ID 3 1 st (navigation system and voice commands), 1 st Plus (body and two-tone interior, and lighting IQ.Light) and 1 st Max ( panoramic roof , head-up display in augmented reality ). 

The base price of this model will be less than 40,000 euros in Germany, says Volkswagen.

The German manufacturer, who speaks of the ”  third significant chapter of strategic importance in the history of [his]  brand after the Beetle and the Golf,” plans to deliver on average more than 100,000 iD 3 per year. The production of the ID 3 1st will start at the end of 2019, and the first deliveries will take place mid-2020, says Volkswagen.

ID 3 will be the first in the ID range that will include other models based on ID concepts. RoomZZ, ID.Vizzion ID Buzz, a revisited version of the legendary Volkswagen combi.