Thinkpad X1: Lenovo introduces the first foldable notebook PC

The Chinese manufacturer, which bought the PC branch of IBM, unveiled the first computer with a flexible screen. Intel, Microsoft, and LG are an adventure for a model that will be in the trade from 2020.

While Intel was talking about the arrival of foldable laptops for 2021, Lenovo took the lead with the announcement of a 13-inch model with a folding screen.

It is different from its prototype introduced a year ago, and it will be part of the  Thinkpad X1 range. Release date? From 2020! Moreover, one can wonder if it is still a laptop since it does not have a keyboard, and that, closed, it is the size of a big thick smartphone.

For now, we can enjoy a video and some photos to find out, but in the absence of configuration, we know that Lenovo has partnered with three giants of computing for this innovative laptop: Intel, Microsoft, and LG.

Soft screen and no keyboard

Intel is of course for the processors part, and especially the graphics part. Microsoft is because it will run on Windows 10. And finally, LG, because the South Korean manufacturer is at the heart of this novelty with this 13.3-inch OLED QHD / 2K flexible screen capable of displaying images in 1,920 x 1,440 pixels.

To write, a virtual keyboard appears when you unfold the device, but you can also add an external keyboard or use a stylus. For connectivity, no detail, but we already know that it will connect to the sector with a USB C, and has a webcam. Its strong point: use in any sense, horizontal or vertical. Like a tablet