Tinder would no longer use a “desirability” score to rank its users

For the sake of transparency, Tinder has already said goodbye to his “Elo score”, an algorithm that ranked users according to their desirability. 

Quantifying the sex appeal of its users is the controversial and original idea that was behind Tinder’s algorithm, the Elo score.

It’s in a blog post that the dating app has declared itself to be part of this algorithm which, trivially, connects the sexiest people with other sexist people according to their number of swipe right, from Likes and Super Likes. If in this blog post Tinder wants to be transparent about its new method of the match, the brand still decided to ” 

The Elo score: from the most beautiful to the ugliest

Much like the bubble of filters that locks you into your own interests on Facebook, Tinder’s Elo score led his users to meet other users with similar “desirability” scores. This score was established in a very simple way: the more your profile was swiped right, the more your score increased. As a result, the higher you were, the less likely you were to like another user down – and vice versa. 

This algorithm thus remained much less qualitative than some accounting scores, as on OkCupid which takes into account more criteria such as size, origins, religion, etc.

A new algorithm that remains opaque

”  Our algorithm is meant to be open,  ” said Tinder. ”  We do not use Elo anymore – but it’s essential to continue to consider each side of a Like to form matches.

” This statement was accompanied by a vague explanation regarding the new “open” algorithm of the brand: ”  Our current system adjusts the potential matches you see, each time you are swiped to the right or left  .” These adjustments are made within 24 hours.

According to The Verge, these adjustments could concretely allow a user A to cross a user B who would both like a user C. If the secret of this new algo remains mysterious, you always have the opportunity to use Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold for you to emancipate. Money is sometimes the only way to look the best.